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Ray Catania

Author | Coach | Creator of Limitless

The Awakening Series

Books That Could Change Your Life, ... and Death.

The Series: The Awakening Series
Author: Ray Catania
Publisher: Limitless Publications, LLC

You Are Still Alive Now Act Like It by Ray Catania (IngramSpark-eBook)Cover.jpg

You're Still Alive Now Act Like It

Empower, Elevate, and Enlighten, Your Consciousness

© 2022

The second book in the series released in ©2022 entitled “You’re Still Alive Now Act Like It - Empower Elevate and Enlighten Your Consciousness”

Summation: In this follow up book to The Atheist and The Afterlife- An Autobiography, learn to begin to awaken your own consciousness, see the universal signs being given to you each day, discover how to transition and transform yourself, gain control of your tomorrows, make desired changes, and view your existence through your higher self to reach your limitless potential.

In this second book, learn how to use the same practices and implement them in your own personal journey. Universal laws and principles can easily be used to make the changes you desire in your life and possibly help some others along the way. Learning how to tap into the universal collective consciousness is something we all know how to do from the day we are born but so few use this connection. Don’t wait to relearn how to use this magnificent power within you. You’re still alive, now act like it. 

Based on real-life accounts of the author.

The Atheist and The Afterlife- An Autobiography 

A true story of inspiration, transformation, and the pursuit of enlightenment

 © 2020

The first book in the series released in ©2020 entitled “The Atheist and The Afterlife – An Autobiography, A true story of inspiration, transformation, and the pursuit of enlightenment”

Summation: What would happen if an atheist visited the afterlife? Once an atheist, now a clairvoyant medium. Follow one man’s extreme transformation in this multifaceted memoir, which brings you through a life filled with trauma, death, denial, personal development, paranormal experiences, mediumship, spiritual gifts, true love, and triumph in his ultimate search for enlightenment. Based on real-life accounts of the author.

This memoir takes you through the steps of Ray’s journey, to find the truth about life, death, consciousness, and our existence. The book is a fascinating story that includes his near-death experience, what he saw, and what came after.

As each paranormal event unfolds, you will be able to follow them in real time. Each story is taken directly from Ray's personal journal and written with humility, sarcasm, and humor. Although the book discusses metaphysical and paranormal activity, this story at its core is about the pursuit of happiness, love, and enlightenment when the odds are stacked against you, of having any of that. 

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We wish you peace, love, and light throughout your journey.

  • The books in the "Awakening Series" by Limitless Publications, authored by Ray Catania, are not intended to be Religious in any way, nor do they support or denounce any forms of organized religion, overall.

  • These books contain sensitive and adult subject matter, which may not be suitable for all ages and contain a list of triggers that you should review before reading.

  • Limitless Publications LLC publishes works in over 52 countries worldwide, in all formats including hardback, paperback, eBook, and audio books, anywhere books are sold.

The Awakening Series

What The Critics Are Saying

The Series: The Awakening Series
Author: Ray Catania
Publisher: Limitless Publications, LLC

Reviewed By: Deborah Lloyd

Review Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed By Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite

"Author Ray Catania shares his journey of “inspiration, transformation and the pursuit of enlightenment” in the nonfictional work, The Atheist and the Afterlife-An Autobiography. He tells his story with honesty, with a gritty sense, but always based on Truth. He shares how his childhood developed into an atheistic belief system. However, through some amazing occurrences in his life, he learned to trust the visions and messages he received, transforming this belief system. Over time, he embraced the practice of meditation, leading him to embrace the gift of becoming a clairvoyant medium. This transformation is told through his sharing of personal stories, illustrating the evolution of his abilities."

"One of the most unique aspects of this book is the three parts he includes: his real-life experiences, his love story, and the beginning days of his transformation; the science of the afterlife. His relationship with Jessica, and her role as well as her deceased father’s, are a major part of Ray’s expanding path. This illustrates how teachers appear when one starts to open up to new ways of being. Additionally, his seeking to work with others in the field is an important lesson. The scientific aspects are frequently not included in these types of books, and these facts offer a needed perspective in this topic area. Throughout the text, Ray encourages the reader to open up to their abilities, as evidenced in Chapter 35, Becoming Limitless. The Atheist and the Afterlife-An Autobiography, penned by Ray Catania, should be read by everyone who is awakening to new possibilities."

Reprinted with permission. Readers Favorite ©2021 All rights reserved.

The Atheist and the Afterlife - an Autobiography
View: on Barnes & Noble Amazon | Apple

Reviewed By: Jachike Samuelson

Review Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars

Reviewed By Jachike Samuelson for The Online Book Club

"I liked how Ray was articulate in describing the events that led to his change in beliefs to the universal collective consciousness structure. He was open and vulnerable—and vulnerability, in my opinion, is an authentic trigger for inspiration—in how he talked about the events he experienced, his moments of self-doubt, and eventually how he got to accept the reality of the laws of the universe."

"In addition to the prose-like approach the author took in this book, there were also healthy helpings of humor and sarcasm. And who doesn't like moments of laughter in a text? Not me. While the author did reveal some things—some incredible abilities—in this memoir that could elicit pride in anyone who possessed them, he managed to maintain an air of humility while doing it, which is hard to achieve."

"As I read more of Ray's story, I could sense a motivational slant to it. I could see how it would hit home, especially for people who have gone through the same traumatic experiences that he did. I don't mind a bit of motivational talk as long as it's backed by relatable stories, and this book fits the bill."

Reprinted with permission. Online Book Club ©2021 All rights reserved.

The Atheist and the Afterlife - an Autobiography

View: on Barnes & Noble Amazon | Apple

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