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From atheist to clairvoyant medium; Ray Catania's "Awakening Book Series" could change your life and death or at the very least the way you currently envision both of them to be. Each book takes you on a journey of a spiritual awakening spanning over many years of his lifetime.

The first book entitled The Atheist and The Afterlife shares the events that transpired which made Ray (who was once an atheist), concede to the undeniable fact that there is an afterlife. The book includes the details of his experiencing death firsthand in which he describes his death as the best day of his life. This event sparked a journey spanning many years of researching the science of life, death, the afterlife, energy, consciousness, Quantum Physics, and pursuing the development of his 6th sense. A skill that he says anyone can develop and utilize for their own personal wellbeing.

You will read along in real time as these paranormal events took place, including "speaking" with the dead. Each story is taken directly from Ray's personal journal and written with humility, sarcasm, and humor. Although the subject matter may be quite serious and a little gritty at times, it is the author's wish that those who can relate to having these traumatic experiences, learn that regardless of your past nothing can define you, stop you from achieving your goals, and accomplishing everything you set out to do. By tapping into the universal collective consciousness, all can be yours for the asking.

You may be surprised to realize that many of the same incredible and so called "unexplainable" events that you'll read about in this book, may be happening all around you, but you simply never noticed them for what they were. Each chapter of each book will be an eye-opening experience, filled with "Aha" moments, that will keep you amazed, informed, and entertained as you learn the laws of the universe, what happens when we die, how to attain inner peace through gratitude, and your wishes becoming a reality through manifestation.

We wish you peace, love, and light, throughout your journey.

The second book in the series is scheduled for release in 2022 published by Limitless Publications, LLC.

These books contain sensitive subject matter that may not be suitable for all ages, and contains a list of triggers that you should review before reading this book.