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The Awakening
Book 11

You Are Still Alive Now Act Like It by Ray Catania (IngramSpark-eBook)Cover.jpg

You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like it

Empower, Elevate, & Enlighten Your Consciousness ©2022


In this follow up book to The Atheist and The Afterlife- An Autobiography, learn how to begin to awaken your own consciousness, see the universal signs being given to you each day, discover how to transition and transform yourself, gain control of your tomorrows, make desired changes, and view your existence through your higher self to reach your limitless potential.

This true story is based on real life accounts of the author.


Science meets spiritual reality, once again, in this second book of Ray Catania’s Awakening Series. Just as in the last book, all the concepts, experiences and principles are taken from real life events. Catania, now a strong believer in the afterlife, searches for answers. A vigorous, intense, search is on to connect science and spirituality and find how they align. Motivated by a will to understand what is happening to himself, he embarks on a quest to fill in the blanks of what makes it so. Blind faith isn’t an option, as he continues onward with his journey to one day find enlightenment.

Since the release of the first book, Catania’s education in metaphysics along with his abilities have grown exponentially. Through training and studies, both formal and informal, he begins to piece together a puzzle, bringing himself closer to the acceptance of his newly found reality. Uncovering universal principles and laws, learning how to use them, he writes of them in a way, in which most anyone can recreate them to enrich their own lives.

You’ll read about the four principles of ascension, the laws of attainment, how to use your higher consciousness to create and manifest. How to read the signs you are being given each day and how to decode and utilize them without fear or apprehension. Understand aspects of consciousness and the mind, including its multiple layers and parts that create a struggle within us, causing a constant battle for superiority. Learn to remove the self-struggle within, to be harmonious with your higher self. As a student of consciousness, life, death, and the afterlife, Catania writes of his own experiences with these concepts so you can view them from a practical perspective. Written with humility, humor, and sarcasm, do not expect this book to be a boring lesson guide. Each story is based on real life events that are sure to surprise and entertain you.


The Awakening

Book 1

The Atheist and The Afterlife eBook Cover jpg.jpg

The Atheist and The Afterlife – An Autobiography

A True Story of Inspiration, Transformation, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment©2022


This is the first book in the series, and it just may change your life and death, or at the very least, the way you envision both to be. Follow along one man’s extreme transformation from a complete non- believing atheist to the undeniable confirmation of an afterlife. This multifaceted memoir brings you through a life filled with trauma, death, denial, addiction, personal development, paranormal experiences, mediumship, spiritual gifts, true love, and triumph in his pursuit of enlightenment.


An atheist is thrown into the world of Parapsychology following a traumatic youthful existence and a near-death experience, thus removing his doubt in an afterlife. Having seen the transformation of consciousness firsthand, Ray Catania begins a mission to understand the science and philosophy of Metaphysics, with the intention of getting some answers relating to what he saw. Catania, by this point, is an adult male, with a well-established business career, and two children of his own, who tries ardently to hold onto his previous reality and simpler beliefs. This proves to become more burdensome and eventually impossible, as he realizes he now possesses certain abilities. Some of which consist of clairvoyance, and mediumship. Trying to keep these abilities, a closely guarded secret, became impracticable after meeting his wife-to-be, and subsequently choosing to communicate with the first male energy-being without a human body, who just so happened to be her father.

The book is based on the true-life events of the author, written and narrated by Ray Catania. This mind-blowing story is one that just may change your life and death, or at the very least, the way you envision both of them to be.   

This book is available in all formats in 52 countries, wherever books are sold.

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